Too Big for the World


Too Big for the World

This project began five years ago when the production team met bodybuilder, and one of the most muscular women in the world, Irene Andersen as she was climbing to the top in the world of female bodybuilding.

They were so compelled by her story, they decided to make a documentary about her 25 year dream to qualify for Miss Olympia. This film chronicles her journey from the heartbreaking moment she learned she was only one point away from qualifying in her latest competition, to reaching the goal of qualifying before turning 50 years old.

As the team documented her struggles and triumphs they discovered something disturbing which was happening in the world of female bodybuilding competitions. This intrigued them and they knew then that a film about this lessor known bodybuilding world would be their next fascinating project. Thus, “Too Big for the World” was born.

Too big for the World is the most exciting movie ever made about female bodybuilding with stars like 8-time Ms Olympia Lenda Murray, top bodybuilders like Helle Trevino, Shawna Strong, Gillian Kovack, Donna McGinn, Kai Greene and legends like Bill Dobbins, Andreas Cahling, Rick Piana and of course Arnold...
Documentary, Sport, Bio-pic
English, Swedish
Hanna Aneröd
Renzo Aneröd
Renzo Aneröd
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