How do I get back to home?

Click our nifty new logo on the top left of the page.  Optionally, click your heels and say those enchanted words -- please let us know how that works.

Why is a lamb next to the logo?

Our lamb is an irreverent film lover just like us.  He's also our namesake; Laemmle" comes from the Germanic word "lämmlein", meaning "little lamb".  But don't take our word for it -- click on the lamb to hear his story in his own words.

How do I find a film?

There are many ways to locate a specific film, including the following:

  1. Mouse over the "Films" tab on the main menu
  2. Browse the "Films" section on the home page
  3. Click the "Films" tab on the main menu to access the Films Search page
  4. Use the Search Bar at the top of the site


How do I find an older film?

We keep information on every movie that comes to Laemmle even after its run is finished.  Enter the title or other relevant terms in the Search Bar at the top of the site to find the movie you want.

Why are some films marked "In Theaters" not yet actually playing?

We consider "In Theaters" all films that are "Now Playing" or films that are "Opening This Week".  Thus, when you look at the "In Theaters" section depending on the day of the week, you might find some films that are opening in a matter of days but have not yet started their run.

What are Special Engagements?

An "Engagement" signifies the relationship between a film and a particular theater location.  Regular engagements are set up on a weekly basis. A film might run at a theater for one, two, or several weeks.  "Special Engagements" are everything else.  These include: sneaks, one-night screenings, festivals, series, morning/midnight shows, and special events.

What are Staff Picks?

Pretty much what is says it is.  Our employees are an eclectic bunch of opinionated cinephiles and "Staff Picks" is our way of sharing their passionate voices with you.  Use the picks as a guide to choosing movies … or not.

How do I buy tickets?

Do the following:

  1. Click any red "Get Tickets" button on the site
  2. Select a date
  3. Click on a blue Showtime
  4. Select your ticket types and checkout

How do I buy tickets with my Premiere Card?

Premiere Card holders purchase tickets the same way as regular customers.  However, if you want the Premiere Card discount you must select "Premiere Card Tickets" at checkout. Also - and this is very important - you must register you card online in order to use it buy tickets on

What film content can I see on

Watch trailers from any film page or on our trailers page.  In addition, offers a variety of short films that can be enjoyed for free!

How do I create an account on

Simply click the "Create an account" link on the top right of the page and follow the on-screen instructions. Or go here and click "Join us".   It's free and easy.

Why should I create an account on

To become "one of use" of course!  But if you need more concrete reasons, here ya' go...

  1. Get Personalized Film Recommendations. The "MyLaemmle" panel makes it a snap to find your movie and get into your seat.
  2. Free Sneaks. All site members are eligible to sign up for the incredible Laemmle Sneaks Club.
  3. Make a Movie Date.  Invite a friend to see a flick - it couldn't be easier.
  4. Use Your Premiere Card. Get discounts on movie tickets, DVDs, and other stuff - all on!  Plus, reload and track your card balance.
  5. Participate. Add your two cents by commenting on our film and theater blogs.
  6. Order History. Get a detailed record of everything you've purchased at
  7. More. And, of course, much much more!  Check it out for yourself.


How do I change my account settings?

Sign in and use the "Preferences" dropdown menu at the top of the page.

What is MyLaemmle?

MyLaemmle is a feature for site members only. It is a panel that opens up above the site header.  First and foremost, it allows you to see, at a glance, what's playing today at your neighborhood theater. In addition, it gives you quick access to vital Premiere Card info as well as our "Make a Movie Date" module.  MyLaemmle can be open and closed at will.

How does "Make a Movie Date" work?

Make a Movie Date enables you to pick a movie and show time to suggest to a friend.  We send an email on your behalf with your custom movie invitation.  After the email is sent, it is up to you and your date to coordinate your plans and purchase tickets.  However, In the future, we do plan to add ticket-purchasing capability to the Make a Movie Date system.  Stay tuned!

How do I open/close the MyLaemmle panel?

Click the "show/hide" button just underrate the "MyLaemmle" title.

What is The Lamb Feed?

The Lamb Feed (get it? … "lamb feed")  is the official name of our blog.  On the home page, we display the most recent blog posts under "The Lamb Feed" header so you can quickly review what's going on in the Laemmle universe.

How do I contribute to discussions?

First you must sign up for an account on  Then simply click on any "comment" link on our blog or in any "buzz" area.