Premiere Card

Premiere Card

Premiere Card - What is It?

The Premiere Card is a benefits program that gets you great deals on Laemmle movie tickets, concessions and selected merchandise. Joining is easy -- just buy a Premiere Card and you're in!

Premiere Cards initially cost $100.  But the money you spend doesn't go away. It actually gets loaded on to the card, giving you $100 to use at any Laemmle theater or on And when you become a Premiere Card holder, your $100 goes a lot further than it would have otherwise. For just one example, you'll save $3 on each movie ticket (regular engagements) every day!

Plus check out our current "extra" special Premiere discounts:

$6 Tickets all day Tuesday!

Free bag of popcorn on Thursdays!

Since the funds loaded on the card never expire, the Premiere Card makes sense for anybody who plans to spend at least $100 at the movies in their lifetime. In other words, it's perfect for just about everybody!  Click here to buy a Premiere Card now.

Using it Online

You'll need to register your Premiere Card on in order for you to use it online. Without registration, you can still use the card to pay for items online but you will not receive any of the Premiere Card discounts. Registering is quick and easy.  If you already have an account on, it will literally take a matter of seconds.  Click here to register your Premiere Card now.

When Registering your Premiere Card, you'll have to enter your card's unique 16-digit number. You can find this number on the back of your card just above the magnetic stripe.

Reloading Your Card

As you use your card and your balance goes down, you'll naturally want to replenish the funds in order to stay eligible for great offers and discounts. We make this easy by allowing you to "reload" your card at any Laemmle Theater location or online here. You may add as much money as you like with the minimum reload amount being $50.

Get VIP Seating for Sneaks

Use your Premiere Card Number when you RSVP for any Sneak Preview event and get VIP, priority seating!

Here's how it works:
1) Enter your Card No. when you RSVP for a Sneak Event.
2) Arrive at the theater and report to the check-in desk at least 25 minutes prior to showtime.
3) You'll gain entry to the theater immediately so you can choose your seats BEFORE the general admission line is allowed in. 


- If you arrive and check-in later than 25 minutes before showtime or AFTER the general line has already been admitted, you forfeit Priority Seating and will be subject to the same policies regarding Sneak admittance as the general public.  Remember, even though you must RSVP for a Sneak Event, you ARE NOT guaranteed a seat.  Please come early to secure your seat!

- You must be an active Premiere Card holder to be eligible for VIP, priority seating. "Active" means you've used your card to buy tickets or merchandise at least once within the past 12 months or you've reloaded your card at least once in the past 12 months.

- Depending on the timing of your arrival, you may have to wait for the prior show to let out before being allowed in to the theater.

Program Benefits

We are constantly providing new ways to help you save money with your Premiere Card. For a current list of all program benefits, check back with the Premiere Card page on In addition, as a Premiere Card holder, you may sign up to receive special program alerts via email so you are always kept abreast of the latest benefit info.  Click here to sign up for Premiere Card alerts.

Partner Benefits

Many of you are familiar with benefits programs  -- such as those offered by American Express or KCRW -- where members are eligible for discounted goods and services from third-party partners. Well, we are planning to do the same and add partner benefits to our Premiere Card program. Stay tuned for exciting details!