Buying Tickets

Buying Tickets

How do I find tickets?

Do the following:

  1. Find the movie you want to see
  2. Click on the red "Get Tickets" button
  3. Select a date
  4. Find your theater and click on a blue showtime
  5. Checkout (see next item for details)


How do I complete my ticket purchase?

On the Select Tickets page -

  1. Confirm your movie details
  2. Tell us how many tickets of each type you want
  3. Optionally include our "special offer" with your ticket purchase
  4. Click the red "Get Tickets" button

In the Checkout Review page -

  1. Confirm your purchase
  2. Change the number of tickets (if desired)
  3. Click "Checkout"

In the Payment page -

  1. Submit any Discount Codes or Gift Card numbers you might have
  2. Select payment method - Credit Card or Premiere Card (see below for more info on Premiere Card checkout)
  3. Enter you payment information
  4. Click "Submit" and confirm your purchase


How do I buy tickets online with my Premiere Card?

Requirements -

Buy your tickets -

  1. Find the movie you want to see
  2. Click "Get Tickets" and select show details
  3. Enter the number of "Premiere Card" tickets you want from the "Select Your Tickets" page
  4. Checkout using your Premiere Card
  5. Reload your card if your balance does not cover your purchase


Why am I not getting the Premiere Card discount?

Confirm the following:

  • Your Premiere card must be registered on
  • Your card must have sufficient balance to purchase the items in your cart
  • Select "Premiere Card" ticket types and follow the process as described above


What do I do after purchasing my tickets online?

For quickest service at the theater:

  • Print your tickets from the receipt page or by clicking the link from your confirmation email
  • Bring the printed tickets to the door prior to showtime

If you don't print your tickets:

  • Go to the box office
  • Present your photo ID and credit card or Premiere Card used to make your purchase