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ArtHouse_Logo_08mhART IN THE ARTHOUSE invites you to experience The Pasadena Art Show 2016 featuring stunning and diverse works from 23 talented, local artists. RSVP BELOW to the opening reception this Thursday, June 2, 6-9pm at Laemmle's Playhouse 7 Theatre in Pasadena. The celebration includes the exhibit, curator talk, and artist presentation/slide show on the big screen! Curator's Statement: We are honored to feature a spirited array of local artists in this, our second annual Pasadena community show. The cord that binds these diverse talents is more lyrical than stylistic. In a time when reason, logic, and subtlety fall prey to spectacle this group leads with clarity of vision and purpose, through stories that are often poetic in the telling. Shifting fields of Pasadena mise-en-scenes, ranging from the containment of the Metro to the expansiveness of the cosmos, usher us through our everyday journeys and refocus us to the present moment. We are delighted by a magnificent bloom, intrigued by a photo offering serenity in the face of divergent paths, moved by the elegance of a classic face, and charmed by visits to ‘the pastoral.’ Laemmle’s Art in the Arthouse was created to build community through artistic dialogue. This skillful collective fulfills that objective with panache, talent, and grace. - Joshua Elias --------------------------------- About The Pasadena Art Show: The Pasadena Art Show is produced by artist, author, and local impresario Lynn Chang. The multi-faceted Chang has enlisted Laemmle and specifically its "Art in the Arthouse" program to act as venue and host for the now annual exhibit. Art in the Arthouse arose in early 2014 out of a desire by Laemmle president Greg Laemmle to engage the fine arts community and bring quality works to the movie-going public. Since then, Laemmle has created unique gallery spaces within its venues by reclaiming wall space vacated by printed movie posters (since replaced by rotating digital displays). With visionary input from curator Joshua Elias, Art in the Arthouse has bridged the worlds of fine art and fine cinema through over 20 exhibits, featuring mostly local and emerging talent. Proceeds from the sale of art benefit the activities of the Laemmle Charitable Foundation.


RSVPs are now closed for this event.  Catch you at the next one!