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SEMBENE! The inspiring story of the father of African cinema opens November 27 at the Music Hall

“Whether it’s DeMille, Hitchcock, the Senegalese filmmaker Sembene … we’re all walking in their footsteps every day.” – Martin Scorsese Over scenes of an African village, we hear a voice, the voice of Samba Gadjigo: “I grew up in a small village in Senegal, with no TV, no newspapers, no radio. All I had was stories told by my grandmother. By the time I was 14, I dreamed of becoming French, like the characters in the books I read in high school. When I was 17, I discovered the stories of Ousmane Sembene, the father of African cinema. Suddenly, I did not want to be French anymore. I wanted to be African.” Gadjigo, Sembene’s biographer, [...]
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WHAT OUR FATHERS DID and WELCOME TO LEITH: Two superb docs about Nazis, long ago and far away, but also here and now.

Next month we'll be opening two acclaimed documentaries about that notorious and virulent ideology, Nazism, one that deals with its incarnation in Germany during World War II and another about its presence here and now. A poignant, thought-provoking account of friendship and the toll of inherited guilt, WHAT OUR FATHERS DID: A NAZI LEGACY explores the relationship between two men, each of whom are the children of very high-ranking Nazi officials and possess starkly contrasting attitudes toward their fathers. Eminent human rights lawyer Philippe Sands investigates the complicated connection between the two, and even delves into the story of [...]
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EVIDENCE OF HARM, Documentary About the Danger of Mercury Dental Fillings, Opens Friday at the Music Hall

Sometimes a feature documentary brings unprecedented insight into a contemporary health hazard that places millions of Americans at risk. Randall Moore’s new feature documentary “Evidence of Harm” that does just that. It is entered into this year’s Academy Awards race. “Evidence of Harm” chronicles the lives of three ordinary Americans who become reluctant health advocates after suffering from the devastating effects of exposure to hazardous mercury vapors during routine dental procedures. The film presents a haunting portrait of a dental industry all too willing to turn a blind eye to science while placing profits and politics ahead of [...]
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"Riotously funny" sleeper MEET THE PATELS is "a lively and engaging universal story made with an unmistakable sense of fun."

Every year there are at least one or two films that come out of left field and delight audiences enough to generate that most ineffable and valuable kind of publicity, word of mouth publicity. Such is the case with the new comedic documentary MEET THE PATELS, which has shown great legs and made its way from a humble start in just one of our theaters to six of them: by this Friday we'll be showing it at the NoHo, Royal, Claremont, Town Center and Playhouse. PATELS is a laugh-out-loud real life romantic comedy about Ravi Patel, an almost-30-year-old Indian-American who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams...and his parents. Th [...]
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Win tickets to a Halloween screening of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

UPDATE: Winners have been drawn and emailed. Details below! It's "Horror in the Hall" this Halloween as the silent classic, DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, is accompanied live by Clark Wilson on the Walt Disney Concert Hall's monster organ. Paramount's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, directed by John S. Robertson and produced by Famous Players-Lasky, was the first of three film treatments of Robert Louis Stevenson's famous novella produced in 1920. It starred John Barrymore as the fatally split personalities, and featured Martha Mansfield and Nita Naldi as their love interests, roles based on a stage treatment, not the original story. Four winners [...]
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