A sparkling new restoration for this cult horror classic.
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Phantasm: Remastered

The remastered original classic that started it all, in which two brothers discover their local mortuary hides a legion of hooded killer dwarfs, a flying drill-ball, and the demonic mortician who enslaves the souls of the damned.

Played at

Ahrya Fine Arts, 10.07.16 - 10.13.16
Rated R
Web Site: http://www.wellgou...
Runtime: 89 min
Language: English

Director: Don Coscarelli
Cast: A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury
FEATURED REVIEW: Heather Wixson, Daily Dead
Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm was released almost 37 years ago and, for almost as long, genre fans have suffered with the subpar treatment of this cult classic in terms of the film’s appearance and inadequate sou...