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The David Dance

Away from the microphone, David is soft spoken, shy and unsure of himself. However, as his on-air alias, "Danger Dave" - the host of the local radio show, "Gay Talk," in Buffalo, New York - he's poised, witty, and every listener's best friend. His sister, Kate, is a thrice divorced banker with a yen for classical music and cats. Though successful, the siblings suffer from a secret, yet vast, sense of inadequacy. Kate decides to adopt an orphan in Brazil and asks David to be a father figure. David struggles with his self-doubt while gawkily romancing his coworker. Past and present intertwine in this bittersweet winter's tale of a man learning to love and accept himself.

"Once I reached the end of the movie I was overwhelmed with all different kinds of emotions and plenty of tears. This is truly one of those movies that gets to the heart and soul of a person. If you have ever felt love of any kind, this movie is for you. 'The David Dance' is the surprise of the LGBT circuit." - Scott Douglass, EDGE

"'The David Dance' is an achingly beautiful motion picture... Director Winney keeps the emotions real without manipulating the audience. A powerful story... Lingers in your mind long after the film is over... A definite see." - Bob Garrett, Project Nerd

"Don Scimé is brilliant as a DJ on a late night gay radio show... Writer Scimé and director Aprill Winney do a great job flashing back and forth in time, keeping the movie and story moving and peeling back layers to the onion that may definitely bring you to tears." - Kevin M.Thomas, San Francisco Examiner

"A wonderfully engaging story with people I found very easy to love. and it made my girlfriend cry, but I forgive them, because she was crying because it was so good." - JASON WATCHES MOVIES (Cinequest Film Festival)

WINNER: Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature Film - Tallgrass Film Festival

WINNER: Festival Favorite - Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

WINNER: Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature Film - Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

WINNER: Best Picture - New Hope Film Festival

WINNER: Best Director - New Hope Film Festival

WINNER: LGBT Spirit Award - New Hope Film Festival

Played at

Music Hall, 11.04.16 - 11.10.16
Rated NR
Runtime: 108 min
Language: English

Director: Aprill Winney
Cast: Antoinette LaVecchia, Don Scime , Guy Adkins, Jordan Baker, JuJu Stulbach, Lauren Lopes, Tonye Patano