A vigorous documentary surveying the career and life of the photographer/filmmaker/one-man Beat happening.
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Don't Blink - Robert Frank

A thrilling documentary on the life and work of the groundbreaking photographer and filmmaker, Robert Frank; from his seminal book of photography, "The Americans," to his revolutionary films with The Beats (PULLY MY DAISY) and the Rolling Stones (COCKSUCKER BLUES). Directed by Laura Israel (Frank's long-time editor), DON'T BLINK - ROBERT FRANK is Israel’s like-minded portrait of her friend and collaborator, a lively rummage sale of images and sounds and recollected passages and unfathomable losses and friendships that leaves us a fast and fleeting imprint of the life of the Swiss-born man who reinvented himself the American way, and is still standing on ground of his own making at the age of 90. Featuring music by Lou Reed, The White Stripes, Bob Dylan, Yo La Tengo, Tom Waits and more.

Played at

Music Hall, 8.19.16 - 8.25.16
Playhouse 7, 7.30.16 - 8.07.16
Claremont 5, 7.30.16 - 8.07.16
Monica Film Center, 7.29.16 - 8.04.16
Rated NR
Runtime: 82 min
Language: English

Director: Laura Israel
FEATURED REVIEW: Elise Nakhnikian, Slant Magazine
What Robert Frank's The Americans did for the nation, presenting the post-war United States with an X-ray of its soul, the free-form, intensely personal films he started making a few years later did for New York City. Wa...