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BOUREK is an international comedy. Set against current global issues – economic crises, political upheavals, and general bad news, an extravagant international cast of characters meets on the sleepy Greek island of Khronos, lost in the Mediterranean, in between Europe, North Africa and Asia: A paranoid U.S. billionaire; a British DJ hiding from his life; a Greek woman, holding on to the crumbling remains of her family house against the pressure of banks and creditors; a Libyan refugee; a Turkish Hashish-dealer, and more…. Hiding from the end of the world, or hoping to find a better future, they all discover something or someone unforeseen that gives new meaning to their lives, helped in no small part by the food they share, especially the Mediterranean pastry Bourek. Using deliberate naivéte and some old-fashioned satire and allegory, the film tells the story of simple things that bring us together.

Played at

Music Hall, 6.17.16 - 6.23.16
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Runtime: 90 min
Language: English, Greek, Serbian

Director: Vladan Nikolic
Cast: Al Nazemian, Branislava Trifunovic, Christina Aloupi, Katerina Misichroni, Marios Iannou, Robert Rees, Sergej Trifunovic, WilIam Leroy