Gripping! Captures the truth of exploration! The will to survive against the odds.
--James Cameron
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Passage to Mars

Before man makes it to Mars, he must conquer the Arctic. Passage to Mars is the incredible true story of six men who embark on a treacherous, 2,000-mile journey across the forbidding tundra of the Northwest Passage—an alien voyage on planet Earth designed to prepare NASA astronauts for an eventual mission to Mars. But as an expedition that was supposed to take weeks stretches into a two-year odyssey, the crew must overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and life-threatening conditions if they hope to realize their dreams of someday reaching the Red Planet. This breathtaking adventure features narration by Zachary Quinto and special guest voice appearances by Buzz Aldrin and Academy Award nominee Charlotte Rampling.

Played at

Playhouse 7, 10.07.16 - 10.13.16
Monica Film Center, 6.04.16 - 6.05.16
NoHo 7, 6.02.16 - 6.02.16
Ahrya Fine Arts, 5.31.16 - 5.31.16
Rated NR
Web Site: http://julesverne....
Runtime: 94 min
Language: English

Director: Jean-Christophe Jeauffre
Writer(s): Jean-Christophe Jeauffre
Cast: Buzz Aldrin, Charlotte Rampling, John Schutt, Pascal Lee, Zachary Quinto
FEATURED REVIEW: Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice
If we're going to ship people onto Mars, that toxic frozen ball of dust storms and mystery, NASA figures we should first be able to brave the least hospitable stretches of our own planet. Jean-Christophe Jeauffre's nuts-and-bolts wilderness doc follows and celebrates a very earthboun...