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The Car Man

Part of our Culture Vulture series. For more screenings and information, visit: www.laemmle.com/culturevulture.

A sensational new dance event for cinemas from the internationally acclaimed choreographer Matthew Bourne and his Dance Company New Adventures, The Car Man is loosely based on Bizet’s popular opera (CARMEN) and has one of the most thrilling and instantly recognizable scores in classical music, brilliantly arranged by Terry Davies. The familiar 19th century Spanish cigarette factory becomes a greasy garage-diner in 1960’s America where the dreams and passions of a small-town are shattered by the arrival of a handsome stranger. Fueled by heat and desire, the inhabitants are driven into an unstoppable spiral of greed, lust, betrayal and revenge. Lez Brotherston’s epic design, Chris Davey’s evocative lighting and Matthew Bourne’s vivid storytelling take in a wealth of cinematic references, creating a powerful and uncompromising vision of small-town America.

Filmed live at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, UK in August 2015.

Played at

Claremont 5, 6.13.16 - 6.14.16
Ahrya Fine Arts, 6.13.16 - 6.14.16
Monica Film Center, 6.13.16 - 6.14.16
Playhouse 7, 6.13.16 - 6.14.16
Town Center 5, 6.13.16 - 6.14.16
Rated NR
Runtime: 98 min
Language: English
Cast: Alan Vincent, Dominic North Christopher Trenfield, Kate Lyons, Zizi Strallen