A nail-biting comedy thriller from one of Asia’s most exciting new directors.
--Toronto International Film Festival
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Unlucky Plaza

When a chance to save his ailing diner goes belly up, Onassis Hernandez, an émigré and single-father living in affluent Singapore, is pushed over the edge. He takes a motley group of citizens hostage in a designer bungalow and publicizes his act on YouTube. As the police and international media descend on the crime scene and riots break out in in the city, an increasingly desperate Onassis forces the situation to a violent, heart-stopping conclusion.

UNLUCKY PLAZA stars Adrian Pang, Judee Tan, Guo Liang, Shane Mardjuki and Filipino star Epy Quizon in a show-stopping performance as the beleaguered Onassis.

• Toronto International Film Festival 2014 (World Premiere)
• Warsaw Film Festival 2014 (Nominated Grand Prix)
• Kolkata Film Festival 2014 (Nominated NETPAC Award)
• Singapore International Film Festival 2014 (Opening Film)
• Tehran Jasmine International Film Festival (Best Director, Ken Kwek)
• International Film Festival Manhattan (Best Actor, Epy Quizon)

Played at

Music Hall, 1.15.16 - 1.21.16
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Web Site: http://www.unlucky...
Runtime: 122 min
Language: Asian dialects, English

Director: Ken Kwek
Cast: Adrian Pang, Epy Quizon, Guo Liang, Judee Tan, Shane Mardjuki
FEATURED REVIEW: Simon Abrams, Village Voice
Normally, devoting eighty minutes of a two-hour running time to setting up a straightforward, ripped-from-tabloids hostage drama might suggest creative indecision. Thankfully, Singaporean writer-director Ken Kwek defies expectations with the pulpy thriller Unlucky Plaza, his feature ...