This impressive doc pieces together the story of the biggest global protest in history.
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We Are Many

On 15 February 2003, 30 million people marched through the streets of 800 cities around the world.

The feature film debut of acclaimed documentary-maker Amir Amirani and executive produced by BAFTA nominated Pippa Harris (
Jarhead, Revolutionary Road) and BAFTA winning & Oscar-nominated producer Signe Sorenson (The Act of Killing), WE ARE MANY is the untold story of the biggest protest in history, and how it changed the world.

Filmed across all seven continents over a period of 9 years, WE ARE MANY reveals the true story of the people power movements now sweeping the world, from opposition to the Iraq war to the Arab Spring and Syria.

In a series of captivating interviews with prominent figures from the anti-war community, as well as astonishingly frank inside accounts from those who launched the war, WE ARE MANY
captures the shockwaves of public opinion – dubbed ‘The Second Superpower’ by the New York Times. 

Played at

Music Hall, 12.11.15 - 12.17.15
Rated NR
Runtime: 105 min
Language: English

Director: Amir Amirani
Cast: Brian Eno, Damon Albarn, Danny Glover, Hans Blix, Jesse Jackson, John le Carré, Ken Loach, Lindsey German, Mark Rylance, Noam Chomsky, Richard Branson, Tony Benn
FEATURED REVIEW: Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
Here is the remarkable story of the global Stop the War march in 2003, composed of archive clips and contemporary interviews with the organisers and sympathisers, including Peter Oborne, John le Carré, Ken Loach and the late Tony Benn – and also a slightly conceited Rich...