Not just about a murder case but about how...divided communities share a history and deal with one another, sometimes hopefully, always warily.
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Mi America

A hate crime has been committed. Five migrant labors are beaten, shot, then ditched near an abandoned industrial river-front complex. The bodies are discovered six months later. Rolando Ramirez, a Mexican-American detective, and a longtime resident of this community, has been assigned to the case. Was it chance? Or was it fate? His journey will force him to question his own identity and what it means to be a North American as he attempts to bring those who committed this crime to justice.

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Music Hall, 10.23.15 - 10.29.15
Rated R This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Runtime: 120 min
Language: English, Spanish
Cast: Brad Lee Wind, Grant Boyd, Michael Brainard, Michael Derek, Robert Fontaine