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The Laws of The Universe - Part 0

Strange and mysterious events are cropping up at NAZKA Academy – reports of students blacking out, waking up in strange places, and in one special case, a group of academic misfits have become star students. When one student confides in her sister, Halle, about her blackout, Halle and her friends, Ray, Anna, Tyler, and Eisuke turn to the one person they trust, their professor, Suguru Yoake.

In order to get to the bottom of these mysteries, Professor Yoake hypnotizes Halle’s sister and learns that the blackouts and disappearances are all linked to one thing – an alien invasion. An alien race, the Reptilians, have infiltrated NAZKA Academy…and they definitely don’t come in peace.

Professor Yoake confides in the students that he has developed a machine to contact peaceful alien races. Using the mystical law of “
like attracts like,” Yoake attempts contact with the Unmite Alien, who takes the students on an amazing adventure in his spacecraft, where they discover the hidden secrets of several planets. Upon their return to Earth, the students stumble upon a deadly trap set by an alien messenger from the Flip-Side Universe. Will Ray and his friends be able to save Earth before it’s destroyed forever?

Played at

Music Hall, 12.18.15 - 12.24.15
Royal, 10.09.15 - 10.15.15
Rated PG
Runtime: 125 min
Language: English
Cast: Dylan McDermott, Jennifer Beals