Best Documentary
Spirit Awards
Novelistic in its depth and breathtaking in its humanity.
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Stray Dog

Harley-Davidson, leather, tattooed biceps: Ron "Stray Dog" Hall looks like an authentic tough guy. A Vietnam veteran, he runs a trailer park in rural Missouri with his wife, Alicia, who recently immigrated from Mexico. Gradually, a layered image comes into focus of a man struggling to come to terms with his combat experience. When Alicia's teenage sons arrive, the film reveals a tender portrait of an America outside the mainstream. STRAY DOG is a powerful look at the veteran experience, a surprising love story, and a fresh exploration of what it takes to survive in the hardscrabble heartland.

Played at

Music Hall, 7.24.15 - 7.30.15
Rated NR
Runtime: 100 min
Language: English

  • Nominee, Best Documentary, Spirit Awards
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