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I Am a Fine Musician - El Sistema's Inspiration in a California School

I Am a Fine Musician: El Sistema’s Inspiration in a California School focuses on the implementation of the El Sistema music program in Los Angeles and the educational theory behind its sucess. 27-min. long, the film features the children and teachers of the Verdugo Young Musicians Association (VYMA) Music Project at Longfellow Elementary. Join us for the world premiere, including a performance by a VYMA ensemble and Q&A with several of the experts featured in the film. The screening is a fundraiser for VYMA. "I Am a Fine Musician beautifully captures the values and goals of El Sistema that have inspired over one hundred programs and thousands of musicians and educators in the US to use music as a powerful vehicle to drive social change."—Stanford Thompson, Chairman of El Sistema USA.

Played at

Playhouse 7, 5.20.14 - 5.20.14

Runtime: 27 min
Language: English