PASSION is a serpentine, gorgeously orchestrated gathering of all of De Palma's pet themes and conceits.
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From screenwriter/director Brian De Palma (The Black Dahlia, The Untouchables, Scarface), PASSION stars leading-actress Rachel McAdams (Midnight in Paris, The Vow) and the talented Noomi Rapace (Prometheus, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). Based on the 2010 French thriller Love Crime, PASSION tells the enthralling story of a deadly power struggle between two women in the dog-eat-dog world of international business.

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Playhouse 7, 8.30.13 - 9.05.13
Rated R This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Runtime: 101 min
Language: English, German

Director: Brian De Palma
Cast: Dominic Cooper, Karoline Herfurth, Noomi Rapace, Paul Anderson, Rachel McAdams
FEATURED REVIEW: Violet Lucca, Film Comment
Passion is set in the world of multi-national advertising (where the feminist “message” was distorted and yoked to commercial ends early on), and De Palma’s characters use the tools of their trade to destroy each other. Pasty, muted corporate underling Isabelle (No...