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Spark: A Burning Man Story

Each year, 60,000 people from around the globe gather in a dusty windswept Nevada desert to build a temporary city, collaborating on large-scale art and partying for a week before burning a giant effigy in a ritual frenzy.

Rooted in principles of self-expression, self-reliance and community effort, Burning Man has grown famous for stirring ordinary people to shed their nine-to-five existences and act on their dreams.

SPARK takes us behind the curtain with Burning Man organizers and participants, revealing a year of unprecedented challenges and growth.

When ideals of a new world based on freedom and inclusion collide with realities of the “default world,” we wonder which dreams can survive.

Played at

Music Hall, 12.05.13 - 12.05.13
Claremont 5, 8.24.13 - 9.02.13
Monica Film Center, 8.24.13 - 9.02.13
Playhouse 7, 8.24.13 - 9.08.13
NoHo 7, 8.16.13 - 8.22.13
Rated NR
Web Site: http://www.sparkpi...
Runtime: 95 min
Language: English

Director: Jessie Deeter, Steve Brown