Gritty and thoroughly enjoyable.
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They Call Me Jeeg

They Call Me Jeeg is a fresh take on the super-hero genre - gritty, fun and action packed.

Enzo Ceccotti is a thief who lives in Rome's slum Tor Bella Monaca. One day he jumps into the Tiber in order to escape the police and falls into a barrel of radioactive waste, which gives him superpowers, including exceptional strength and healing abilities.

He gradually loses his disinterest towards people thanks to a mentally handicapped girl, who has mistaken him for the Japanese manga hero Hiroshi Shiba, and shifts from super-criminal to super-hero in order to save her from a psycho gangster known as "The Gipsy."

Played at

NoHo 7, 3.17.17 - 3.23.17
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled

Language: Italian

Director: Gabriele Mainetti
Producer(s): Gabriele Mainetti
Writer(s): Menotti, Nicola Guaglianone
Cast: Claudio Santamaria , Luca Marinelli
FEATURED REVIEW: Ard Vijn, ScreenAnarchy
The closest thing to it would be M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable, but Gabriele Mainetti's film is simultaneously sadder and funnier, and forms an even more playful look at the standard super-hero story.