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31st Israel Film Festival

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The mission of the Israel Film Festival is to brand Israel as the lively and innovative nation that it is; as well as shining a spotlight on Israel’s thriving film and television industry and enriching the American experience of Israel’s social and cultural diversity. As an international entertainment industry event, the festival has brought acclaim to both the films and participants, and has opened new possibilities for cooperation and co-production between the U.S. and Israeli film and TV industries. Each year, the Festival explores Israeli society by premiering Israeli features, documentaries, television dramas and student shorts, and through conversations with visiting Israeli filmmakers. For 31 years, the Festival has created an exciting and artistic platform for engaging diverse audiences with the richness of Israeli life and culture.

Played at

Ahrya Fine Arts, 11.21.17 - 11.21.17
Royal, 11.11.17 - 11.21.17
Town Center 5, 11.06.17 - 11.21.17