Oscar 2019 Results

Unlike last year, where multiple customers tied for the top spot, this year, we have a clear winner of 21 categories correctly selected. Best Picture, Editor, Costume Design, were some of the trouble categories this year. There was a 3-way tie for 2nd and 3rd place. So the tiebreaker was used.

21 correct:
1st Place) Stefan Kunert

20 correct: (195 mins)
2nd Place) William Hammon

20 correct (220 mins)
3rd Place) Timothy McGroarty

Oscar 2018 Results

Unlike last year, where there was only one customer who picked the most correct winners, this year we have 9 customers with the highest score of 22 categories correctly selected. So the tie-break runtime question (closest to 230 minutes) determined the winners this year.

Best Original Screenplay, Animated Short, and Live Action Short, Visual Effects, were the trouble categories this year. The rest of the categories seemed easier to pick winners than last year.

22 correct: (236 run-time) 1st Place) Tristan K.
22 correct: (238 run-time) 2nd Place) Kelly K.
22 correct: (217 run-time) 3rd Place) David K.

Oscar Contest 2016 Results

1st) Joel Bergen
2nd) Raymond White
3rd) Dan Kagan
4th) Gideon Lockspeiser
5th) Leslie Lowe


Oscar Contest 2015 Results

1st Place: Logan H. of North Hollywood
2nd Place: Chris S. of West Hollywood
3rd Place: Robert B. of Rialto

Oscar Contest 2014 Results

Well, the 2014 Oscars are in the books and though the results were predictable the show was entertaining — I, personally, think it was a good idea to include full performances of all the nominated songs — and the winners deserving. This year we had double the normal number  of entries. No one guessed all 24 categories correctly but four missed only one category: one missed the Best Documentary Feature category and picked “The Act of Killing” instead of “20 Feet to Stardom.” The other three missed Best Animated Short and chose “Get a Horse!” instead of winner “Mr. Hublot.” The shorts categories are tricky!

Since there were four first place ties, the tie-breaking question decided the ultimate winner. The winner guessed 210 minutes — only four minutes off the actual Oscar Telecast running time!

There where only two major troublesome categories for patrons this year. Best Original Score winner Steven Price (“Gravity”) only received 30% of the vote while the other nominees equally split the rest. Best Animated Short was the other. Winner “Mr. Hublot” received only 20% of the vote. “Get a Horse!” was the favorite chosen by our patrons. The average number of correct answers was 13.  Thanks to all who played.

Oscar Contest 2012 Results

This year no one guessed all 12 categories correctly but eight people correctly guessed 11 out of 12.

The tie-break running time question decided the final winner within 2 minutes of the actual runtime!


Matthew Klekner

Joshua McGowanm

John Trausch Sinh Lam

The trouble categories this year were the Documentary Feature and Editing categories. Both winners, Undefeated for documentary feature and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for Editing, received less than 20% of the vote. Pina was the majority pick for Documentary feature and The Artist for Editing. Another troublesome category was Best Actress. Winner Meryl Streep received only about 30% of the vote while Viola Davis received about 60%. Compare that to the clear winner for Best Picture, The Artist, which gathered nearly 85% of the vote. Best Actor was a bit tricky as well, winner Jean Dujardin received about half of the votes at around 51%, while George Clooney had a strong showing at 30%.

Other clear winners were: A Separation in the Foreign Film category, Christopher Plummer for Best Supporting Actor, Octavia Spencer for Best Supporting Actress & Michel Hazanavicius for Best Director -- all near the 80% tally mark. Other categories that proved a bit more difficult but still found solid majorities were: The Descendants for Best Adapted Screenplay, Midnight in Paris for Best Original Screenplay and Rango for Best Animated Feature - at around 70% of the vote each. Other statistics: 11 out of 12 was the highest score tallied, but 7 out of 12 was the most common outcome (the mode for you stats nerds). 12 people guessed exactly how long the telecast would be but none had enough correct answers to win.



Oscar Contest 2011 Results

We have two first place winners this year. Both winners guessed all 12 categories correctly and made the exact same time prediction for the Oscar Telecast (The show lasted 195 minutes and both choose 192 minutes) The other two people who correctly guessed all 12 categories were off by about 15 minutes for the tie-break telecast question.


Valarie Hall of Cypress Julie
Johnson of Tarzana

Last year, the categories that proved difficult were the two screenplay categories but this year The Social Network and The King’s Speech were clear picks in those categories. The trouble this year was with the director, editor, documentary and foreign film categories. For direction, eventual winner Tom Hopper received only 30% of the vote due to David Fincher’s strong vote tally. For editing, winner The Social Network received 30% of the vote while the other nominees equally shared the rest of the vote tally. For documentary, eventual winner Inside Job had a bit better vote tally at 35% but fellow nominees Exit through the Gift Shop and Restrepo also had strong tallies. And the biggest upset (according to our vote tallies at least) was in the foreign film category. Biutiful garnered close to 70% of the votes, while eventual winner In a Better World received only 20%. Other eventual winners, Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor, Natalie Portman for Best Actress, Colin Firth for Best Actor (at 86%, the highest selection percentage in ANY category), The King’s Speech for Best Picture and Toy Story 3 for Best Animated Feature were clear picks from our customers. Other statistics: 12 out of 12 was the highest score tallied, but 7 out of 12 was the most common outcome. This is the first time in more than three years that all categories were chosen correctly. 13 people guessed exactly how long the telecast would be but none had enough correct answers to win.


Oscar Contest 2010 Results-

The 82nd Oscars are history and so is our Umpteenth Annual Oscar Contest.  Unlike last year, when we had 24 people tie for the top spot, this year no one guessed all 12 categories correctly but two people correctly guessed 11 out of 12. The tie-break running time question decided the final winner within 2 minutes of the actual runtime!

Perry T. of Woodland Hills CA

Steve C. of Azusa CA. 

Last year, Foreign Film, Director and Supporting Actress were the ultimate deciding categories but this year the Screenplay categories proved difficult. Of the two winners, their only mistake was in the screenplay category. The first place winner incorrectly chose UP IN THE AIR to win Adapted Screenplay, while the second place winner incorrectly chose INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS to win Original Screenplay.

In fact, of the customers that got 10 or more correct, at least one error was in the screenplay category. Of those that got one of the two screenplay categories correct (nobody got both correct), they also missed Best Foreign Language Film, incorrectly thinking the Academy would ape the Hollywood Foreign Press and honor THE WHITE RIBBON.

Other statistics:

Best Actor Jeff Bridges, Best Actress Sandra Bullock, Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz and Best Animated Feature UP, clearly the favorites going into the broadcast, were chosen by at least 80% of contest entrants.

Besides the troubles with the screenplay and foreign film categories, Best Editing also proved difficult, with customers flipping equally between AVATAR and the eventual winner THE HURT LOCKER. (Hint for next year: the film that wins the Best Editing Oscar almost always wins Best Picture too.)

Finally, customers that chose their favorites (as their comments suggested) instead of trying to think like an Academy member did not fare as well as the customers who mentioned their ballots were solely strategic picks.

And now that the Oscars are over it feels like the new movie year has officially begun.  Have you seen THE GHOST WRITER yet?


Results of Oscar Contest 2009


10 passes to Paul J. of Denver

Eight passes to Kate V. of Woodland Hills

Six passes to Tom C. of La Cañada

Four passes to Wanda W. of Los Angeles

Four passes Todd Y. of Los Angeles

Hundreds of people tried their luck in our contest but no one correctly guessed all 10 categories, but twenty-four people correctly picked nine out of 10. The five winners above are calculated based of the tie-breaker question about the broadcast’s running time, which was 210 minutes.

Of those winners the discrepancies were in the Best Foreign Language Film, Best Director or Best Supporting Actress categories.

Twenty of the 24 people who tied incorrectly picked Waltz with Bashir as the winner of for Best Foreign Language Film, while two correctly picked the winner Departures. (Departures was the rub in many Oscar pools!) Of those two, one incorrectly picked Viola Davis for Best Supporting Actress and one incorrectly picked David Fincher for Best Director, and the final 9-out-of-10 winner incorrectly picked The Class as best Foreign Language Film. So close to perfection! And so it came down to the tie-breaker question about the running time. Next year, to avoid just this thing, we at Laemmle Theatres are talking about making the contest harder by including the more obscure categories.

Other stats:

Even though Mickey Rourke seemed to be the favorite for Best Actor in many pre-Oscar polls, he only garnered 39% of the vote from Laemmle customers. Sean Penn was the favorite at 46%. Slumdog Millionaire was the clear favorite for Best Picture at 79%, Kate Winslet for Best Actress at 74% and Heath Ledger Best Supporting Actor at 83%.