Outrageous! Funny, funny, funny!
--Peter Bogdanovich
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Chief Zabu

In 1986 two first-time directors shot - but never completed - CHIEF ZABU, an audacious low-budget socio-political comedy featuring a cast of legendary character actors. In 2016, inspired by the madness of current presidential politics, the directors finally finished their film about Ben Sydney, a delusional New York real estate developer who dreams of getting political power. Ben's scheme is to take over a Polynesian island nation, but the testing of French nuclear weapons ensures that things do not go as planned.

Chief Zabu’s vintage I was fearful of experiencing a zombie movie back from the dead, but, instead, it is compellingly relevant to the present and is eerily resonant with the inanity of current Presidential politics. The tale of a sleazy real estate developer over-his-head in an international scam is funny and satirical but never over the top. The carefully restrained tone results in humor and satire that sneaks up on you and provokes a mixture of delight and reflection." - Robert Rosen, Professor and Dean Emeritus UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

Played at

Monica Film Center, 10.28.16 - 11.03.16
Rated R
Runtime: 74 min
Language: English

Director: Neil Cohen , Zack Norman
Cast: Allan Arbus, Allen Garfield , Betty Karlen, Ed Lauter, Harsh Nayyar, Lucianne Buchanan, Manu Tupuo, Marianna Hill, Shirley Stoler, Tom Nardini, Zack Norman
FEATURED REVIEW: Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter
Decades after it was shot, and just in time for the presidential election, a comedy about a real estate entrepreneur with vague political aspirations is being released. Using his birth name, Howard Zuker, as a directorial nom de cinema, actor-producer Zack Norman partnered with Neil ...